We’re business savvy, results-driven shopping centre marketers who see the investment (not “spend”) that owners put into marketing as seed capital with which to grow their capital value – we’ll help you create vibrant centres that push tenants into T/O rental territory, pulls a few strugglers out of trouble and in general helps you to increase net income.

LANDMARKeting is staffed by experienced professionals who have feet in the marketing and property disciplines, as well as significant experience working at the sharp end – for retailers directly. We know what we’re talking about as we have experience from both the ‘client’ (marketing & operational) and ‘agency’ side of the fence.

That’s it. That’s who we are.


“Once trust has been built it becomes that much easier for us  and the tenants to work together profitably and effectively”. Adele Louw was previously regional events and PR manager for Shoprite Holdings therefore she is well-versed in the art of stretching marketing budgets, securing “free” activities and ensuring the till rings.

Together with a highly experienced, committed and diversely skilled team of professionals, some full-time and some contracted on an as-need basis, LANDMARKeting strives for excellence every day and we exist to help you meet your business objectives.

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